A Few Of The 3 Bedroom Suites In The Villas Of Bali

Some of the 3 bedroom luxury villas at Bali are Christin villa, Jepun, Shanti residence, Massila 3, Massila 2, Sienna, Dream, Smile, Pyaar and Cinta villas.

Various amenities in the 3 bedroom villas of Bali
There is a five bedroom suite, with two of them locked and they remain unaccessible. This villa is situated in Nusa Dua and provides extensive accommodation to the visitors. Skilled butlers, chauffeurs, personal master chef and other staff here provide wonderful services to the tourists. The large swimming pool offers excellent facilities with garden setting. This attractive suite features king-sized canopied beds, amusing spaces, isolated living, indoor and outdoor bathrooms with jet baths and walk-in robes. This villa is unique for a master suite called Ambhara, which is superior one opening into private deck with plunge pool and gazebo. This villa also has ocean suite, garden suite and junior suite.

Another luxury 4 bedroom villas in Bali with high quality  in Baliprovides private accommodation equipped with WiFi access and other modern guest requirements. Two of the three bedrooms are equipped with luxurious king sized beds accompanied by mosquito nets and the third bedroom accommodates the visitors with twin beds. The bedrooms showcase an extreme level of richness in decor and style. This villa also has ample dining and living spaces. Another villa has three bedrooms accommodated in a separate construction that showcases sliding doors made of glass opening into garden area and swimming pool. This villa construction is planned for open dining, living area and kitchen. They are accommodated with Balinese traditional high pitched roof top. The above areas of this 3 bedroom villa allow the streaming of natural light inside with refreshing breezes that give more comfort. This villa has facilities that can cater even to the children and babies. It is also an event friendly villa.

Features of a few more 3 bedroom villas at Bali
The best entertainment hotspots of this island are guided to by the well supportive staff of these villas.
•    A private Bali villa is two storied and is attractively designed using stone infused flooring, special timber features, and open plan living and dining areas. There is guest bathroom for visitor’s convenience and an extraordinary pressure shower next to the swimming pool.
•    Each of the bedrooms at this villais equipped with spacious deluxe amenities. The living and dining area is equipped with CD and DVD players and a television.
•    Another adjacent private villas in Bali is a C2 residence located at the foremost tourist destination of Seminyak. It was made in 2009 with attractive interiors covered with modern furniture filled with paintings and artwork.
•    The kitchen in this villais well-equipped with in-house cooking and if it is not suitable for the visitors, they can hop into restaurants that are right at a few meters distance from the villa. The 3 bedrooms are accessible to sun loungers and private pool.
•    This 3 bedroom villa has luxury ensuite bathrooms with quality furniture complimenting all the bedrooms. This suite is also child friendly and possesses several magnificent clothing boutiques, entertainment features and nearby first class restaurants.